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Fast Guide to Cubase 6

Simon Millward
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244 x 172 mm * 480 pages * ISBN 9781906005177

Reviews of previous edition
Worth its weight in gold... if you have Cubase, buy it.
Keyboard Player,

About as comprehensive a guide as you can get.
MusicTech Mag,

* Installation and setting up
* Audio and MIDI recording and editing
* Mixing, mastering and EQ
* VST instruments and plug-in effects
* Loop manipulation and beat design
* Music production tips and tools
* Media management

The Fast Guide to Cubase 6 provides the essential information you need to quickly master the program and also explores creative music production and advanced recording techniques.

The book covers all the important details of the software including: recording, editing and arranging in the Project window; slicing and looping in the Sample editor; editing MIDI events in the MIDI editors; and mixing and mastering in the Mixer. Other subjects include: VST instruments, plug-in effects, EQ, dynamics processing, automation, pitch correction, tempo manipulation, synchronisation, quantizing and beat design. The book is packed full of hints, tips and tutorials, and includes a comprehensive website list and glossary. 100 speed tips and a powerful macro library take your music production and programming skills to the next level.

Combining extensive Cubase know-how and theoretical knowledge from the worlds of sound recording and music technology, this book helps take your projects from conception and multi-track recording right through to mixing and mastering.

The Fast Guide to Cubase 6 is the ideal companion for all users of the software, including musicians, producers, sound recordists and audio professionals.

Author Simon Millward is a music software specialist with an MSc in Music Technology. Originally trained as a musician and subsequently as a sound engineer, his interest in software sequencers and virtual studio instruments has established him as one of the UK's foremost Cubase experts.


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