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Arbiter UK distributors of Cubase, Nuendo and many other high tech music products
Carillon UK manufacturers of music PC systems
Computer Music Magazine UK computer music magazine For all things Cubase
Emagic Logic software Manufacturers of Emagic Logic software
Freeloops Free loops updated weekly.
Future Music magazine Music technology magazine
Harmony Central Huge all round music site.
Heavenly Media Services UK suppliers of high quality MIDI, audio, video and music products and services
I-DJ magazine UK DJ magazine with good hi tech content
KVR Audio Audio plug-ins and a whole lot more
Keyboard Player magazine The longest-running keyboard magazine on the UK market, appealing mainly to the home enthusiast and semi-pro player.
London School of Sound Music production courses at a school based in London
Loopmasters Royalty free samples in different formats
M Audio UK distributors of Reason
Millennium Music UK manufacturers of music PC systems
Music Tech magazine Highly regarded music technology magazine from Anthem Publishing
Nuendo Nuendo site
Pegasus Great website for Reason users
Propellerhead (Reason) Manufacturers of Reason - great music making software
Reason Station Another great website for Reason users
Recording Workshop Part-time and full-time practical courses on all aspects of music technology, music production and sound engineering
Sonic Foundry Manufacturers of Sound Forge and ACID software
Sonik Matter For all things Emagic and Kurzweil
Sound on Sound magazine Music technology and sound recording magazine
Sound Technology UK distributors of Logic and many other music software products
Steinberg Manufacturers of Cubase, Nuendo and many VST instruments
Synthzone Great music technology resource website
Truegroovez Dance music/DJ site.
Zzounds Great all round music site.

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