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Making Music on the Apple Mac
Keith Gemmell

Out now

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236 x 189 mm * 100 pages (approx)  ISBN 187077595 3

* Which Mac to buy
* Setting up your desktop studio
* Recording MIDI and audio with GarageBand
* Step by step projects
* Getting your music onto the Internet
* Burning CDs

All Mac computers are suitable for recording music but which one you choose depends very much on what you want to do. Whether you're a singer/songwriter, a band member, a dance music producer, a composer or a music educator, this book will point you in the right direction.

There's a section on setting up your studio and configuring your audio and MIDI interfaces for optimum performance. Step by step projects show you how to record with GarageBand, an easy-to-use package with hundreds of instruments and loops, that's free with every Mac.

And when your masterpiece is complete, learn how to organise your music, create playlists, burn CDs and publish your music on the net.

Making music is now easier than ever on the Mac.



1 Which Mac?
Hard drives
CD/DVD drives
Getting audio in and out
Peripheral connectivity
The eMac
The iBook
The PowerBook
The Power Mac G5
The Mac mini

2 Setting up your studio
The built-in audio connections
USB Audio and MIDI interfaces
FireWire Audio and MIDI interfaces
PCI audio and MIDI interfaces
Keyboard controllers and MIDI interfaces
Headphones and speakers
Audio MIDI Setup (AMS)

3 Making Music with GarageBand
GarageBand as a multitrack audio recorder
GarageBand as a sequencer
GarageBand as a loop production tool
Quick start, with loops
Changing instruments
Extending a song by looping and moving regions
Recording and playing Software Instruments
Cycle recording with drum kits
Using third party software instruments
Recording on a Real Instrument track
Recording with effects
Punching in and out using cycle record
Editing on the Timeline
Editing notes in the Track Editor
Editing MIDI controller data in the Track Editor Audio editing in theTrack Editor
Mixing - automating volume
Mixing - pan control
Mixing - adding track effects
Mixing - master effects
The Master Track
Exporting a mix to iTunes
Where next?

4 GarageBand 2 - what's new?
8-track recording
Tune up
What's the score?
Sim amp
Correction centre
Gender bender
Bend it, shape it
Lock up
Left right, left right...
Roll your own
Open MIDI files
Musical typing
Touchy feely

5 Beyond GarageBand
Logic, Cubase and Digital Performer
Make time and tempo changes
Make your own loops
24-bit recording
Record on multiple tracks
Extensive and detailed editing
Virtual mixing consoles
Full-featured dynamics processors and effects units
Synchronisation facilities
Sound to picture
Sample libraries

6 Score writing and self-publishing
Free notes
The Finale ladder
Sibelius v Finale
A blank manuscript
Keeping tabs
Skool stuff
Time savers
Drum grooves
A useful Kontakt
The human touch
It's a scorcher
Scoring with Logic, Cubase and Digital Performer

7 Getting your music out there
Tag it
Encode it
Burn it
Internet distribution and promotion

Appendix: Music Maker's Spec Sheets



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