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Propellerhead Reason 5 Tips and Tricks

Hollin Jones

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Special low internet price £8.95

244 x 172 mm * 214 pages  ISBN 9781906005 207

* For Reason version 5
* For Mac OSX and Windows
* Master recording and editing of MIDI
* Create beats with Kong and ReGroove
* Compose using Blocks
* Sample live and build your own instruments
* Mix and master tracks with the MClass effects

This book covers everything you need to know about using Reason in your everyday music-making. It will let you unlock the full creative potential of your software by giving you the inside track on how to make the best and most effective use of it. Covers the latest updates to Reason including live sampling, Dr Octo REX and block-based composition.

Ideal for beginners, intermediate and experienced users, the book covers topics from advice on computer audio setups and operating systems through to working methods, linking Reason with other programs and using your own sounds and custom racks.

Other topics include expert tips on using all the instruments such as the new Thor Polysonic Synthesizer, tools and effects, the ReGroove mixer, recording and sequencing, detailed MIDI editing and parameter automation. It even tells you how to mix down and publish your tracks.

Propellerhead Reason 5 Tips and Tricks is an invaluable everyday companion to help you get the most out of Reason.

1 Setting up
Before you start. Mac or PC. Installing Reason. Preferences. Audio. MIDI settings. Sound locations.

2 Working methods
The Concept. The Transport panel. Tempo and time signature. The Browser.

a 3 Creating devices
Types of devices. ReWire.

4 The Mixer
Aux returns. Send effects. The Master Fader. Tips for mixing music. The Channel Strip. The Line Mixer.

5 The Sequencer
Sequencer basics. Working with sequencer tracks. Elements of the Sequencer. The Matrix Pattern Sequencer.

6 Recording
Quantizing in Reason 3. Change Events. Locking Surfaces. Quantizing in Reason 4 and 5. Keyboard Control. Using your own samples. Automation.

7 The ReGroove Mixer
What it is. What it does.

8 The Combinator

9 The NN-19 Sampler
Use your own samples. The Front Panel.

10 The ReDrum
Step recording. Sequencer recording. Pattern programming.

11 Kong Drum Designer
How does it work. The editor. Effects in Kong. An example of programming in Kong.

12 Dr:Rex Player

13 Dr Octo Rex
What is it? Into the details. Complex beats. Handy hints for using Dr Octo Rex.

14 The NN-XT Sampler

15 The Subtractor

16 The Malstršm

17 The Thor Polysonic Synthesizer
Some tips for using Thor.

18 The effect devices
Insert or Send? Which effect to choose? Scream 4. RV700. Additional effects units. The MClass effects. BV512 Vocoder. The RPG-8 Arpeggiator. Some tips for using the RPG-8.

19 Exporting from Reason
Exporting in realtime. A note about ReWire. Sharing and publishing.

Hollin Jones is a full-time musician and writes regularly for MusicTech magazine. He also lectures at colleges and universities throughout the South West of England.



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