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Sound Equalization Tips and Tricks

Eddie Bazil

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Special low internet price £7.95

244 x 172 mm * 120 pages  ISBN 9781906005 092

* Clear easy to understand explanations
* Diagrams, graphs and charts
* All types of EQs and processes used
* ‘Before’ and ‘after’ audio examples
* EQ treatment for drums, voice and the mix
* Audio files available for download

Sound Equalization Tips and Tricks is a clear, concise and detailed guide to all aspects of equalization. Written in easily understandable language, this book contains detailed explanations of all types of EQ, what they are used for, when they are to be used, and why and how to use them.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this book will lead you through the concept of sound, the understanding of frequencies and the application of EQ.

Throughout the book, ‘before’ and ‘after’ audio and visual examples, taken from actual processing projects, are provided to help you to understand the content both visually and aurally.

Broken into ‘definition’ and ‘explanation’ chapters, followed by ‘working case examples’, the book’s content is clearly laid out for easy referencing.

Sound Equalization Tips and Tricks demystifies this ‘strange’ process and offers you a simple working structure to help you master EQ.


1 Introduction to EQ 
How and why. Corrective EQ. Creative EQ. Tagging.

2 What is sound? 
Components of sound. Frequency. Bass. Mid. Treble. MIDI. Amplitude. SPL. Timbre.

3 How to listen 
Sound waves. Reflected sound. Headphones.

4 Fundamentals and harmonics 

5 To cut or to boost? 
Headroom. Overall level. Mid range frequencies. Applying EQ to a stereo mix. Grouped sounds. Loudness. Distance effect. Masking. Long EQ sessions. Digital EQ vs analogue EQ.

6 The many guises of EQ 
Corrective EQ. EQ to separate tracks. EQ in live situations. Creative EQ. EQ at the mastering stage.

7 Filters 
Cut-off frequency. Attenuation. Resonance. Q. Slope. HF. LF. Mid. Cut. Boost. Band. Centre frequency. Filter. Octave. Filter shapes. Bell. Shelf. Low-pass and high-pass.

8 Types of EQ 
Passive EQ. Active EQ. Fixed frequency EQ. Peaking EQ.Two band or three band. Shelving filter/EQ. Graphic EQ. Band-pass filter. Notch filter. Parametric. Quasi parametric. Sweep EQ. Paragraphic EQ.

9 Phase 
Why is this important?

10 EQing kick drum 
Graphic EQ. Paragraphic EQ. Corrective use of paragraphic EQ.

11 EQing snare drum 
4 band Paragraphic EQ. 5 band EQ.

12 EQing drum loops 
5 band Linear Broadband EQ. 10 band Paragraphic EQ. 6 band EQ. EQ curves for all three drum tracks.

13 EQing voice 
Multiple voices. Separation and layering. Primary and secondary EQ. Voice examples. Use more than one copy of a vocal line. Extreme EQ curves. Removing a frequency anomaly. Other EQ effects. Nasal/telephone effect. Presence. Sibilance taming. Lead and backing vocal mix. Key frequencies for vocals.

14 Mixing EQ – preparation and guides 
Boosting frequencies is not encouraged. Cutting frequencies. Microphone. Try not to EQ the final mix. Your EQ tasks. EQ before or after panning? Panning law. Cleanliness is next to godliness. No one said ‘You have to EQ.’

15 Mixing EQ examples – instruments
Simple mix. Add more musical elements. A percussive beat.

16 Recommended tools
Spectrum analyser. Harbal Intuit Q. Sound Forge Sonogram. Waves Paz Frequency. Eiosys Air EQ. PSP Neon. PSP MasterQ. Sonalksis.

17 Final word

Eddie Bazil has been associated with the record industry since his teens when he worked with some of the most notable Electro/New Wave and Dance/Rap bands. He progressed into the remix market and his involvement, both as a programmer and producer, with a number of labels and artists, has been very fruitful, a number of tracks achieving top positions in their respective charts.

The past three years have seen Eddie move more into the beat production and remix markets.



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