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cheap armani watches Political Chatter: Bill Gates' role in Common Core and Hillary Clinton says Obama 08 campaign was sexistMicrosoft founder Bill Gates. (File)

Relax. Common Core isn't a Barack Obama-driven conspiracy to indoctrinate school children and exert federal control of education.

Bill Gates is the one doing that.

This week .

In 2008, the national educational standards had widespread and bipartisan support among governors and educators, but it needed a deep-pocket evangelist to help it spread the word.

In addition to financing the development of common Core, the foundation spent more than 0 million promoting it among state governments, teacher unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

You can watch the Post's full interview with Gates about Common Core below.

Silver: GOP favored to take Senate

necessary to take control of the U.S. Senate, but the odds are just barely in their favor and have improved ever-so-slightly for Democrats since March.

Silver analyzes five states each where Republicans and Democrats chances have improved.

Only one state is an absolute lock for anybody, Silver says.

"That's Alabama, where the Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions won his primary unopposed last week and is also unopposed in the general election," Silver wrote. "Congratulations to him on a fourth term in the Senate."

Hillary: Obama '08 campaign sexist

After Hillary Clinton gave up her 2008 presidential campaign, peace between her and the president wasn't immediate. Clinton said on Good Morning America that the Obama campaign wanted her to attack Sarah Palin as a proxy for the president's campaign.

"I said 'For what? For being a woman? No, let's wait until we know where she stands, I don't know anything about her. Do you know anything about her?'" Clinton said this morning.

Political Chatter is a weekday round-up of national political news and analysis.

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