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cheap watches online Garrett Thornton is aiming to release his "Rebel Heart" album in July. (Courtesy of Garrett Thornton)

Gulf Coast songwriter Garrett Thornton is baring his "Rebel Heart" today, making a taste of the upcoming album available for free download.

Thornton, formerly a member of rock band Hamelin, plans to unveil "Rebel Heart" this summer, though an exact date for an album release show has not yet been set. The project is the follow-up to his first solo album, the sparse, rootsy "Salt of the Earth," which he released in 2011.

Prior to the new album's debut, Thornton decided to do a free digital version of an old-fashioned single release, hearkening back to the days when a record label would release a potential hit backed by an album cut. "My problem," Thornton says, in typically self-deprecating fashion, "is that I have all B-sides."

The two-song download package is available through , via a direct link at . It includes the album's title track and a companion song titled "Alabama Women."

"Rebel Heart," the song, has a meditative, soulful feel, with Thornton singing "I've been a son and a father/ and a poet and a ghost/ and this old rebel heart that I carry/ is going to end me I suppose." Thornton describes it as representative of the album, with "Alabama Women" as a more humorous counterpoint. A crunchy blues-rock grind, its message is straightforward: "Don't you every trust a woman from Alabama."

"Only a guy married to a woman from Alabama can write that song," Thornton says.

Thornton says the main goal of the single release is to get a little attention: Spending time in the studio has meant that he hasn't been performing much in recent months. "I've kind of been away for a little bit," he says, but he's looking forward to getting out of the studio and back onstage. He's booking dates and assembling a band; visit his website for updates.

"Hopefully it will be a busy summer," he says.

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