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The friendly worker behind the counter made our experience a pleasant one.

Theydon't have touchscreens for ordering. You actually have to talk to someone to place your order.

PennLive reporter Julia Hatmaker and I stopped at the Hampden Twp. Turkey Hill to check out its Real Time Cafe during our Convenience Store Cuisine Challengewhich also included made-to-order foods from Rutter's Farm Stores, Sheetz and Wawa.

The woman working behind the Turkey Hill counter was eager to serve us, even asking if we'd like samples of the homemade chicken or tuna salad.

The Turkey Hill menu is smaller than some of its competitors but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Turkey Hill Minit Market operate 260 stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The stores are operated by the Dillon Company (a division of Kroger Co.).The only connection to the Lancaster County dairy is the Turkey Hill name and the fact the stores sell the namesake iced teas and ice creams.

Of course, Turkey Hill stores lack the glitz factor. They are what they are - a stop for fuel and snacks. Their menus are more homestyle with a definite Lancaster County touch.

Here's the specs on what we ordered:

Cheeseburger Dog

This won no beauty contest. To me, it tasted like a sausage link. It was salty and meaty. "It tastes like a cheeseburger," Julia said. "But not an amazing cheeseburger."

Seasoned Potato Wedges

I think these spuds needed a tad more seasoning. Otherwise, they were well cooked. The price was right, too, at 99 cents.

Mac 'n' Cheese

We found hot mac 'n' cheese in the soup section. It was cheesy and dense, and not all that bad for convenience store food. Definitely better than a box of Kraft.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

We had heard from a co-worker about the pulled pork so we ordered one. He was right. This was our favorite item at Turkey Hill. It's a thicker style barbecue with a heavy, dark sweet sauce. "It's kind of an over-powering sauce but that's what you want," Julia said. My only complaint is the roll needed to be bigger to hold all of the meat.

Cheese Dog

This one kind of left no impression. I thought it was overcooked.

Cherry Coke Slushey

The Slushey is the hallmark of Turkey Hill. I spent many a day in my childhood riding my bike to the local Turkey Hill for a Slushey. We did the classic and combined cherry with Coke. It was super sweet. More sweet than I remembered as a kid.

Italian Sub

"This is a good sturdy sandwich," Julia said. I liked the roll. It was squishy and soft andheld together the fillings. The tomato, lettuce and onion were fresh. It was probably the best sub on the tour.

Cinnamon Rolls

I absolutely loved this cinnamon roll. The frosting alone was thick and sweet. The bun fell apart and was rich with cinnamon. I will be back again soon for another one.

Turkey Hill Stuffed Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

You can't leave without ice cream. We picked a frozen dairy dessert. It was good with swirls of sweet, gooey strawberry.

PennLive reporters Sue Gleiter and Julia Hatmaker took a road trip to check out the ever-popular convenience store food scene. They sipped frappes and smoothies and bite into burgers, hot dogs and subs - as well as a few unsuspecting menu items. Be sure to follow along this week as they visit Turkey Hill Minit Markets, Sheetz and Wawa.

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